NYSE. When your most valued brand asset becomes a liability.

When NYSE merged with EuroNext, it became the first global exchange. But therein was the problem. The New York Stock Exchange was no longer just in New York. And it no longer traded solely in stocks. Three quarters of the industry's most respected brand name was suddenly a liability.


Information, money and power transfers across the planet in micro-seconds. This rapid-fire change was the opportunity for NYSE as a business and also as a brand.

Our creative platform repositioned NYSE as a strong presence in the new global economy.

The number of companies listed on NYSE increased by 43%, (including the giant VISA, the largest IPO) while Nasdaq's decreased by 10%, keeping NYSE as the largest exchange in the world with $12.4 trillion in combined market capitalization.

What we did:

Creative Platform | Campaign Development

The beauty of an organizing idea such as "for an exchanging world" is that it serves as a springboard for every kind of communication.

The campaign used traditional elements such as banner advertising and television, as well as a series of short films featuring leaders of the new global "exchanging" economy.