Minneapolis Foundation. Bridging the gaps in education.

Minneapolis lags the nation in providing quality education to underprivileged students and students of color. After many years of failed attempts at a solution, a collective of civic leaders and funders gathered together through The Minneapolis Foundation to mount a fresh approach. One that recognizes the disappointments of the past. And that lives up to its promises.


Minnesota Comeback is the name and brand created by Persuasion (with a lovely design boost from our friends at Special Project.) The name harnesses the momentum of a come-from-behind win. And the identity promises a level of accountability and transparency to our community of funders.

What we did:

Brand Position | Naming | Brand Design | Website Design and Development

The system is designed to convey optimism and professionalism. Bright, clean and all about getting results.

Being committed to transparency to our community and to funders, the Minnesota Comeback website pushed the most important metrics up out of the usual password-protected enclave.

With a subject as emotionally-charged as education, it's clarifying to come back to the problem we're addressing, and how we're performing against our goals.