Insignia. Uncovering a powerful differentiator.

Insignia is a publicly-traded company, creating point-of-sale retail campaigns, and competing in a category absolutely dominated by News America.

They were having a difficult time selling against their rivals, and came to us feeling that the visual aspect of their brand was to blame.

Upon digging deeper, we discovered a core truth about Insignia that had the potential to galvanize employees, guide management, and turn the tables on the category Goliath.


During extensive interviews with employees, clients and ex-clients, we found a surprising truth: big can be a negative.

Insignia’s custom creative approach is a welcome relief to the cookie-cutter mindset of the category behemoth.

People like working with Insignia. And they hate having their unique marketing challenges answered with generic solutions. In times of rapid change, it’s better to be quick, than lumbering.

What we did:

Audience insight, competitive analyses, strategy, creative platform, brand manifesto, brand identity redesign, brand voice, brand book, presentation design, web design, social media direction.

We re-thought their visual identity to both modernize the look, and to bring more meaning. The sweeping movements of the logo suggest agility.

But our visual overhaul did not stop there. We developed a new, vibrant color palette, and assertive forward-leaning typography.

The new website put the customer proposition front and center, at a time when brands were navigating uncharted territory in COVID-effected consumer shopping behavior.

For the home page, we pulled in live news headlines from the retail industry as an ever-changing, swirling background reminder of how quickly business is changing.

Social media is not always a go-to channel for business to business, but we saw an opportunity for Insignia to stand out with a bold point of view. Not to mention, providing a space to cheer the brands that they represent.

The work we did with Insignia was central to the transformation of their business. Emboldened by the new understanding of themselves, Insignia leadership sold their legacy printing division and pivoted to higher margin consulting services.

The various customer touchpoints, particularly social media, became engines for growth, securing major assignments from P&G, becoming dominant in display in Target, and doubling their client list.

Insignia went on to enjoy multiple quarters of 100% growth.