Apple Store. Flipping rejection into adoration.

Coming up to its second ever holiday season, Apple Stores had a problem - a year of incredible traffic, and disappointing conversion. The majority of early visitors were PC owners, leaving the store intrigued but empty-handed.

Apple Storefront


By putting ourselves in the customers' position, we saw the problem. The PC versus Mac debate had only widened the gulf between Apple and its potential. And at holiday season, who cares about technology platforms anyway. All you have is a busy schedule and a list of people to buy gifts for.

Our solution ignored technology and instead appealed to the passions that unite us - music, photography, movies, games, learning.

Same store sales increased 90% for the quarter year over year.

What we did:

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For the first time, the store carried a unified message, tailored to each product category.

The store was re-organized to put gift-able, PC-friendly merchandise front and center.

Another Apple Store first: using screen savers to pull the message through to specific skus.

The ribbon device has become a recurring element in Apple's holiday communications.