Creative collaboration machine now open.

To offer up a true alternative to advertising agencies, and to allow creativity to have a greater impact on business, requires a complete rethink of how and where we work.

That's the idea behind our new office space. It's more open than any creative company we've ever seen, completely modular, democratic, and designed for the airing and sharing of ideas.

We've filled it with designers, writers, strategists and researchers. And we've already hosted numerous brainstorm sessions, client off-sites and parties, not to mention the daily buzz of smart, creative thinking.

We want to make special mention of the design by Charlie Lazor, co-founder of BluDot and the brain behind the work spaces of our friends over at mono. And you just have to experience the incredible flowing whiteboard, sculpted and constructed by local artist Rollin Marquette.

Come see it at 16 West 26th Street, Suite 200, Minneapolis MN 55404.