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Chrysler. A strong first step out of bankruptcy.

As Chrysler emerged from Chapter 11, its new owners at Fiat were keen to move the spotlight away from weakness and towards the brand's strengths. There was also that small matter of a multi-billion dollar investment that had to start showing returns ASAP.


We collaborated with our friends at Fallon to focus on one of Chrysler's bright points - the much-awarded Town and Country minivan.

Though not a head turner for adults, we recognized that the Town and Country has big curb appeal for its key audience: kids. And anyone who has kids knows the voice they have, and the emotional pull they command.

This led to a commercial and a promotional offer - not a forgettable financial proposition but one that kids everywhere would love: moving a DVD player from "option" to "standard."

Sales of the Chrysler Town & Country mini-van grew 33% year over year, one of only two of their vehicles to make positive sales gains that year.